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A Software Factory is a methodology of generating all of the database interfaces, middle tier components and basic user interface code, all without the developer writing one line of code. This methodology allows the developer to spend their time on elements of the solution that are important to the business rather than on basic coding.

Most code that developer's write is redundant. Typical Add, Edit, Update and Delete operations can consume 30-40% of a developer's time. Our Software Factory, eliminates this effort and, instead, provides a consistent mechanism for developer interaction with the database.  Secondarily, the code written for User Interface interaction with the database (populating dropdown boxes, retreiving and displaying data, grabbing and storing data) is also redunant. KMP has developed a technique for eliminating the time spent on that area of coding as well, allowing the developer to focus entirely on customizing the layout and applying necessary business rules.

In recent projects our Software Factory has eliminated 80% of the time that a developer would typically spend in writing a solution. You need to see the benefits of a Software Factory, call us today!

The staff of KMP is certified in the majority of the technologies listed below.

Operating Systems and Web Servers
-Windows 2000 and 2003 Server
-IIS 5, 6 and 7


Web Technologies
-Web Services, SOAP

Database Systems
-SQL 2008
-SQL 2005
-SQL 2000
-SQL (6.5, 97)

Development Methodologies
-KMP90X - (our extreme Project Management method)


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