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KMP Companies LLC

The Company
KMP Companies LLC (formerly KMP Development Corp.), is an IT contract services and software development company, specializing in providing IT professionals and/or web solutions to corporate and government entities. KMP provides top tier talent to many governmental and private entities. KMP provides professional IT resources to its clients with minimal markup, allowing the client to get the "Best Value" out of a resource. The resource earns an amount near their billing rate, letting the client get the value of a resource that they are paying for. Additionally, KMP designs, builds and maintains mission critical, database driven web sites using state of the art technologies. KMP's implementation of a software factory, allows for custom web based solutions to be created in a fraction of the time that typcial developments would take.

The Founders
Michelle and Kory Pukash founded KMP in 1993. Michelle attended Boise State University and completed 4 years of education courses in 1989. As Chairperson, Michelle has spent the last 14 years managing projects and coordinating staff for KMP Development Corp. Kory attended Boise State University and earned a B.A. of Accounting in 1989.  After spending 4 years in the Public Accounting field, Kory trained himself in web development technologies and earned numerous certifications from Microsoft. Kory began developing applications for small to medium sized companies, and after implementing several successful solutions, he entered into contracts with major fortune 500 corporations and government entities. Together, Kory and Michelle work with private and government entities to provide IT contract services, creating powerful development teams that bring clients IT needs to life.

In 1996, Kory began training advanced developers across the United States and various foreign countries. Kory has trained developers from companies such as Boeing, Hewlett-Packard, Agilent Technologies, Microsoft, Avanade, Intel, Intuit, General Motors and many other fortune 500 companies. Additionally, Kory has trained members from various branches of the government including the United States Department of Defense and the United States Treasury. In 2001, Kory was one of 85 Microsoft Certified Solution Developers from around the world invited to an exclusive Microsoft .NET immersion week, designed to provide in-depth technical knowledge to advanced Microsoft Certified Solution Developers.


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